Groove CRM Review | Did Mike Filsaime Create the #1 Business Software?

Honest Early Beta-Tester Reveals All in this Review of Groove CRM (Groovefunnels, Groovepages, etc.)

Ok… here we go!

What is Groove CRM?

TL;DR : an all-in-one software suite to help you run your business and make money online.

But that description doesn’t do it justice. And if you got “scared” of that nasty 3-letter word, CRM… keep reading. (I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.)

CRM’s are stupid, right?

If you’re like me, or you run your business(es) the way I do… you’ve probably said to yourself, “But I don’t really see a need for a CRM. They’re super complex, super heavy, super expensive, I need a PHd to run them, I need to hire 3 people with PHd’s to run them(!), they cost too much, take too much time, blah blah blah.”

Sound familiar?

Yeah, we SAY that, because the CRMs we know about simply aren’t a great fit for us.

I used to use Brand I (name changed to protect the innocent). Thing was… it was cool. But it didn’t do what I needed it to.

So I switched to Brand S, Brand K, Brand C and so forth (names also changed to protect the sometimes not-so-innocent).

But the problem continued to be…

What those companies thought I needed in a CRM was just not (ok, no where near!) what I thought I needed in a CRM.

Can you relate?

So how did we get to this point, and what does it all have to do with a

Groove CRM Review?!?

To fully answer that, you might find it interesting to hear some history.

Yawn… history?!?

Haha, yes. I promise this one will help things make sense.

Way back when in what will seem like the dinosaur era for the youngin’s, there was a guy named Mike Filsaime. Mike was running a huge auto dealership somewhere on our planet, and well… I’m going to bet he wasn’t loving life. I have no idea if he was loving life or not, that’s probably just me projecting… but anyway… while he was watching men pretend to know things about cars and say things like “cmon, bro, I bet you can do better,” he was actually doing something better.

In the midst of this, he was realizing that people running their businesses usually don’t know much about cars, and more importantly… have a lot of pain and suffering when it comes to their software.

So with one too many tires kicked, Mike shifted gears in a huge way. (And my apologies to Mike for my liberties with his history).

First, he decided to write a book, Butterfly Marketing. This totally tanked amongst butterflies who do internet marketing, but basically took the rest of the online marketing world by storm.

Since it wasn’t enough to basically write THE book on online marketing, sales funnels, and more, and with the butterflies still unimpressed, Mike decided to take small steps and do MULTIPLE million dollar launches and start a couple of small companies that you may have heard of or used… Kartra, PaydotCom, WebinarJam, Everwebinar, DealGuardian, Evergreen Business Systems, and now crm, and the butterflies became impressed.

I’m not sure if it was the $175+ Million Dollars in revenue that impressed them, or the moniker “Michael Jordan of Marketing,” or the glowing raves from Tony Robbins (yes, THAT Tony Robbins)… but the takeaway here is that Mike Filsaime is the real deal.

Humble Re-Beginnings

Surprisingly, when Mike started his new venture,, he started relatively modestly.

First he considered re-purposing Pagestead, a nifty little page builder in its own right, but the memory of how businesses need more from their software led to much larger visions.

So originally called “GroovePages,” and planned as a page builder to advance from Pagestead, the scope grew. And grew.

Makes sense that someone with Mike’s background would see the need for sales funnels, and shopping carts, and payment processing… and sales… so Groovefunnels was born!

Groovefunnels formed a tri-fecta of immediate needs as a sales funnel platform, a selling platform (GrooveSell) and a web-page builder platform (GroovePages). You can read my full review of Groovefunnels here, but I encourage you to stay with me and continue reading, as all of this will make more sense very quickly now.

Throughout this period, Mike has amassed a remarkable team of industry leaders in their fields to bring the vision forward. While Mike may be the CEO and figurehead of Groove CRM, it should be noted that there’s an entire ENGINE of top-tier professionals under the CRM hood. Many of them will be mentioned on this site and others. Many will be extremely deserving of recognition and whose recognition may be revealed in time.

Since I’m one of those guys that looks under the hood and mutters guy-stuff, while not really knowing how it works, suffice it to say there’s a freaking great engine in this Rolls Royce of a Software.

That they beginning with the pandemic and to this current day offer free-for-iife accounts, when competitors only offer 7 or 14 day trials, demonstrates their confidence in the product.

Indeed, many small businesses and freelancers can succeed with the free entry-level account, a gracious offering, and arguably a moment of strategic brilliance, because, as with Mike’s vision… you’re going to want more. The free version can absolutely help you grow your business in many massive ways, and as you grow, you’re going to want more.

The BIG Vision – Groove CRM is more

Let’s face it… what we really want out of our software is a single login, a single place to do business.

We want to EASILY & QUICKLY build pages, both web pages and landing pages.

We want to put videos on those pages, without having to fuss with YouTube or Wistia or Vimeo, right?

We want to be able to sell products, both informational and physical.

We want to run online stores, like Shopify.

We want to be able to send out emails to our lists, announcing our new events or products.

Some of us want to run Automated Webinars.

Some of us want Help Desk software built-in.

Some of us see the insane value of having membership sites.

We want to be able to let people schedule a visit, call, etc. built-in.

We want to be able to run quizzes and surveys.

We want social proof built-in without spending hundreds per month.

And most of us don’t know it (yet), but we want to be able to EASILY allow every one of our customers to become extensions of our sales team.

This, my friends, is the vision of Groove CM crm. An all-in-one automated marketing suite and CRM.

Welcome to the Vision

This brings us to now.

On August 19, 2021 CRM celebrates its transition out of Beta into full production. Until February 20, you can get Groove at the lowest price possible.

DISCLOSURE: I am an affiliate. If you get something, I may earn commission. Thank you!

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