GrooveFunnels Review | #1 Way to Crush the Internet?

I Used Mike Filsaime’s New Website & Funnel Builder, Here’s My In-Depth Review of GrooveFunnels Plus Hear It Directly from Mike in His Video HERE!

What is Groovefunnels?

An all-in-one software suite built by CEO Mike Filsaime, GrooveFunnels is designed to be the most “powerful, affordable, and simple-to-use” way to improve your business.

It’s is an online tool (nothing to download) that works on all common computers, operating systems and devices, and is currently coming out of beta.

It originally debuted with a remarkable array of services, including: 

  • a website / web page builder (like kartra or clickfunnels),
  • groovesell (a sales platform to accept money),
  • and groove affiliate (an innovative way to onboard, support, run, and pay affiliate marketers).  

Next, in summer 2020 those services exploded exponentially to also include

  • groove mail (mail service like mailchimp or active campaign),
  • groovemember (membership portal like kajabi or woomemberships),
  • groovevideo (think vimeo or wistia),
  • grooveblog for blogging features (a la wordpress)

And with more and more planned to be included in future releases, it became apparent to the Groove folks that what they were really creating was an entire CRM system.

With that realization, Groovefunnels, and all of its features, became rolled into Groove CRM. (You can read the full Groove CRM review here.)

With unlimited web hosting included, groove funnels are on track to be the next-gen winner in the online business space.  Also… the SEO benefits of the fast load-times are impressive. 

Is There a GrooveFunnels FREE Trial Version?

Yes! Actually, even better than a free trial, you can get a FREE for LIFE version here. For many people, the free version is all they need. For power-users, they upgrade to the full suite which offers more bang-for-the-buck than pretty much every other page builder and digital marketing software on the market today.

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Is It Easy to Use?

Our team feels it is extremely easy to use. While most current web tools allow you to drag-and-drop, this offers additional benefits, such as being “mobile first” oriented. Design for all device sizes simultaneously while viewing your design how a cell phone sees it, and then tweak for bigger devices if needed!

What is Groovefunnels Pricing?

Right now they’re offering a special one-time LIFETIME deal. You can purchase it at the cheapest it will likely ever be for the one-time price, or you can pay for it over time. The link to do that is here. You sign up for the FREE version and then can upgrade in a one-time-offer (don’t miss out!!!!) The price is going up $600 on Sept 1 2021, and then on Dec 15 the one-time deal goes away and it will cost hundreds per month!

Is there a Free Groovefunnels Version?

Yes. As a giveback to the community suffering from all the current chaos in the world… you can get a fully-functioning lite FREE version of groovepages here.

Clickfunnels vs Groovefunnels – Is it better than Clickfunnels?

I have used both (and still do.) While I love clickfunnels, hand’s down I’m investing in my future with Groove.

Kartra vs Groovefunnels – Which is Better?

As mentioned, Mike Filsaime has developed both Kartra and Groove. He has taken everything he learned from Kartra and made a better product this time around. 

How do I login to Groovefunnels?

To log in you go to and enter your username and password.  You can also go here directly. Or here to purchase it.

How can I be a Groove affiliate?

Groove has an outstanding affiliate program. Their affiliate program pays 40% first-tier commission and a 10% second-tier commission for pro & upgraded members. If you are a groovepages lite (free) member, commissions are 20% first-tier and 5% second-tier.  Read more here.

So we mentioned above how the product evolved into a multi-tool suite, and then kept adding and enhancing. As I will cover the Groove CRM suite on a separate page, let’s take a brief look at the sub-pieces that make up the tri-fecta that has historically been considered “Groovefunnels.”

What Is GrooveSell?

GrooveSell is simply one valuable part of the full software solution. I included it into its own section because its features are noteworthy.  There are a zillion “shopping carts” on the market today allowing you to sell your product online, accept money, and use maybe two of the most common payment processors (paypal and stripe, usually). 

Groovesell is a shopping cart on steroids. Seriously I was impressed! As far as I can tell, groovesell does everything all the other “cart” portions of software can do… and then more.  Get this… groovesell lets you use stripe, paypal, braintree, authorize net, nmi, and then it also comes with groove’s own payment processing system too. Then it adds dynamic thank you pages, upsell and downsell options, flexible pricing structures, 1-click upsells, and probably the most powerful affiliate system ever.  

You can have it so every person who buys your product(s) is automatically set up as an affiliate!  (That is so cool!)  Imagine you have a product…. maybe a course, or a membership site, or your own software service. Imagine being able to email every one of your customers who bought your course, product, or membership site… and tell them they’re automatically an affiliate, and that you’ve already got a portal for them to go get their affiliate materials (that you get to make and auto-distribute to every one of them instantly… shh… that will be our little secret : )   And that they get X commission to promote it. Think that might increase your sales?!?!? (This is where you freak out with a resounding YES).  Call me impressed Mike Filsaime.

What Is GroovePages?

Simply: groovepages is the web page, landing page, sales funnel builder portion.  Think clickfunnels, kartra, infusionsoft, builderall, etc. Even though it’s still only in beta, initial experiences are wow this thing is fast, and easy.  Tons of ready-made built in page templates to get you started right away, combined with fast, drag & drop sections and elements, plus the ability to save chunks as templates to re-use…. it does what the other guys do, and it does it well already. I can only imagine where it’s headed.

NOTABLE PLUS (that most people don’t think about):  Groovepages is GREAT for SEO. It’s not just the fast page load times. It’s also the way that it renders the code out to the pages… google LOVES the way it does it, and many of the other guys don’t do it this way.  I’m sure some of these key learnings have come from the fact that Mike Filsaime is an extremely-experienced digital marketer. He also built Kartra, and he has certainly taken all the key learnings from that (solid) product and improved everything for this new product.  

Which brings me to the next notable point.  The team that builds it are seasoned, successful, expert software developers and also expert marketers.  This means: they approach things from a different angle.  Foremost they are a SOFTWARE company that helps you with your marketing, as opposed to a marketing company trying to build software. But… since they’ve been in the marketing space for years… they also bring all the knowledge of how to really sell, how to really improve conversions (yes, all that crucial stuff that makes the difference between tools that make web sites, and tools that make websites that make you money. HUGE difference, right?


  • All-In-One Software Built for Power, Speed, Ease
  • Powerful for Sales
  • Secret Value for SEO
  • Easy to Use and Fast
  • Pricewise, it’s a Bargain


  • So powerful it will require time to learn all the advanced features
  • Beta version means you must be the type of person who is willing to invest in your success and think big picture
  • Costs money, though current special is a steal (and there’s a lite version for free here)



We find groovefunnels to be one of the best page builders available today, with a strong product offering, value, solid leadership, and reliability. Based on these factors, it is extremely likely that Groove will remain a top offer in a competitive market. Given the personal nature of software user interface, I applaud their decision to offer LIFETIME FREE product usage. In a world of limited-time trials, it is refreshing to embrace the lifetime model. Absolutely test it out. I bet you will upgrade once you realize the value.


We hope you have enjoyed out review of groovefunnels! Remember to bookmark this page and check back often for updates.

DISCLOSURE: I am an affiliate. When you make a purchase, I may earn commission. Thank you!

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